Hello, world!

Welcome to my Unihertz Titan tinkering corner! I've created this to provide a kind of all-in-one knowledge and resource base for Unihertz Titan devices. Given the manufacturer isn't providing us with any Android updates at all, and I love my physical keyboard, I decided to first create a place I can share my findings and useful tools I've found in various places of the Internet, and start making my way around development for that device when there is a single place I can use as a reference. Admittedly, random Google Drive links scattered on tens of different websites are... rather unwieldy.

What can you expect to see here

Firstly - guides on rooting, tearing down, unbricking our little rugged slabs of joy. Secondly, various stock ROMs I've found in various places, including official Unihertz Google Drive, along with notes on each of them, if applicable. Thirdly - tools, schematics, docs and whatever else I can find that you can use to unbrick or mod your devices proper. Lastly - various experiments and my own discoveries regarding the devices, who knows, maybe I can get something completely custom working in low level (preloaders, little kernel, maybe more) at some point. I hate black boxes, so I crave knowledge and understanding, and as naive as this might sound, sooner or later I will have it. And maybe it'll benefit us all at the same time.

Of course, I'm not going to pretend like I did all the work to get where I am-- like it or not, I'll probably be standing on the shoulders of giants that have done some research before this subject sparked my interest, so credit will be given where it's due.

Where you can talk to me about the Titan

I'm present on the Unihertz Titan Discord server. Come say hi, maybe stay for a little longer? (: